EP Meter Online Top Up Guide

How to Top Up Online?

(To download the detailed Online Top Up Guide click (Version 7) Here).

1. Set up

The following steps are necessary to enable EasyPark Meter online top ups:

  1. Ensure your EasyPark device is capable of online top up (must be at least +2011 model with USB port). Note, there is no longer the requirement to register your device on our site in order to complete an online top up. However, please do so to allow for protection from loss or theft
  2. Download the latest version of Java (set for update notifications to ensure you keep up with upgrades). Click Here to go to Java download site. Note you can use the ‘Do I have Java” to determine what version of Java you have installed, if at all. You can also find instructions for installing Java Here.
  3. Ensure your MAC is running 10 or higher and Windows PC runs Windows 8 or higher
  4. Ensure your MAC or Windows PC: uses Internet Explorer 8 or higher (PC’s) or Chrome or Firefox 3.5 or higher (PC or MAC)
  5. Please delete any previously installed versions of the EasyPark Top Up Application on your computer
  6. Create a folder called EasyPark and download our EasyPark Top Up Application to this folder by clicking the icon below (Mac or Windows as appropriate); and double click the application and follow the install prompts. See detailed installation instructions in our Online Top up Guide Here
  7. For Windows, save a shortcut of the application on your desktop or for MAC save in your dock.



Note: Online top ups will only be successful if the EasyPark Top Up Application has been provided access through your firewall and/or approved status under your anti-malware software.

2. Loading value to your EasyPark Meter

Follow these steps to load value to your EasyPark meter using the EasyPark Online Top Up Application:

  1. Go to the downloaded application on your computer and launch the application (click on application icon)
  2. Connect the USB cord to your EasyPark device and your PC. Please ensure your device shows “USB”. If not shown, check to ensure the device is connected to a live USB port (also see Troubleshooting instructions in our Online Top Up Guide Here). Note: Do not disconnect your EasyPark device until the end of the online top up process
  3. Select “Next” or Start, and wait until the Java applet is shown as initialized
  4. The system then shows the balance on your meter, as well as other identifying data
  5. Select the icon of the desired top up amount
  6. Set up your email account credential (or enter previously used email address)
  7. Enter your card payment details (or select a previously entered card): name, card number, expiry date and CVV number (last 3 digits on back of card) and password (or create a password)
  8. Confirm details for payment and select “Load EasyPark”
  9. The online top up application will then load the desired amount to your EasyPark meter and generate an email receipt showing the updated balance
  10. Disconnect your EasyPark meter and turn it on to ensure the correct amount has been loaded.

For detailed instructions on the online top up process and related troubleshooting, click Here to download our Online Top Up Guide.

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