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Looking to become an EasyPark Partner?

EasyPark is a comprehensive easy-to-use in-vechile parking meter solution using an electronic payment system that provides benefits for drivers, operators and municipalities.

EasyPark Bermuda is responsible for the marketing, operating and distribution of this advance parking solution in the Caribbean region.

EasyPark's unbeatable Value Proposition includes:

  • An easy-to-use parking device that replaces traditional parking meters
  • Cashless payment option with ability to top-up online
  • Fraud proof 
  • Ensures fair payment by allowing user to pay only for time parked
  • Accommodates both on and off street (lot) parking
  • Robust compliance solution
  • Ability to be deployed as a national solution
  • Meets industries' financial and safety standards
  • Based on reliable, secure and scalable technology


EasyPark is a solution that is well suited for any city/municipality. It requires no unsightly external infrastructure such as parking meters or coin dispensers. This, consequently, provides a highly scalable and cost effective parking solution over the long run. EasyPark can be easily implemented as the sole solution or alongside existing parking solutions.

The solution is also flexible enough to support a national parking infrastructure, thus allowing municipalities to share parking infrastructure investments and costs.

If you are a municipality seeking more information on the implementation of our solution or a private entity looking to become a distributor of EasyPark in the Caribbean region, please contact us (Tel: 441-542-7000, E-mail:  CLOAKING ).