Agility Extends EasyPark LFWI Contract

June 6, 2013

The Cabinet Office, Bermuda

Department of Communication and Information

Airport Operations announced today that the electronic parking device, EasyPark, will continue to be accepted at the L.F. Wade International Airport car parks.

Having announced earlier this month that the devices were no longer to be used at the Airport due to operational challenges and revenue losses, Airport Operations advised that EasyPark executives had met with them to devise a proposal featuring a paperless product that enables the use of mobile device technology that would satisfy the Airport’s objectives moving forward.

The product, EasyPark Mobile, allows customers to use their mobile phones and tablets to remotely pay for parking at the airport, by either dialing a number, texting a short code or using EasyPark’s smart parking mobile application.  One of the added benefits of this solution is that customers, should they need to, will have the ability to extend their paid parking period at the airport from wherever they are whilst traveling.

Airport General Manager, Aaron Adderley stated; “We are excited about the EasyPark Mobile product and the added convenience that it will bring travelers who park their vehicles at the long term car park.  From an operational standpoint, we’re assured that this new product will prove very ideal for consecutive, multi-day usage. From an economic standpoint, this product accomplishes what we were looking for.  We hope that this catches on and really reaches that critical mass.”

Norris Ebbin, Director of EasyPark stated, “We are happy that our customers will be able to continue to use their EasyPark meters at the L.F. Wade International Airport.  To address some of the issues surrounding occasional battery failure of the devices when used for long term parking; we are pleased, in partnership with Airport Operations, to offer EasyPark Mobile to our customers. For the month of June we will pilot this mobile device neutral solution with selected customers with full production rollout scheduled for July 1st. More detailed information on our EasyPark Mobile offering will be released over the coming weeks,” Mr. Ebbin added.

The new agreement between Airport Operations and EasyPark ensures that the electronic meters will continue to be accepted at both the short term and long term car parks without disruption, beyond the previously announced May 31 cut-off.

The Pay and Display machines at the Airport will continue to be available and coins, credit cards and debit cards will continue to be accepted.  The charge for long-term parking is $5.00 per day or any part thereof and $1.00 per hour or any part thereof for a maximum of 2 hours for short term parking.

For more information on Airport Parking, please visit the L.F. Wade International Airport website at:


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