EasyPark Mobile at Bull’s Head & Elliott Car Parks

December 10, 2017

Effective January 2018, Bull’s Head and Elliott Car Parks will be gated using the same barrier system implemented at City Hall, Par La Ville and Number One car park. As a result, until we can integrate our current solution, customers will no longer be able to pay for parking in gated car parks using our yellow parking meters. Therefore, customers are encouraged to sign up for EasyPark Mobile; the most convenient way to pay for parking in gated lots. No need to stand in lines to pay at the paystation. Simply launch your app then – Scan -Pay – Open gate – and Go!! All while comfortably seated in your vehicle. Also, there is no need to take the gated parking ticket out of your car and risk the penalty for a lost ticket!

The EasyPark mobile app is available, free of charge, from iTunes and the Google play store. Customers can register via the app, or register online at www.easypark.bm by selecting EasyPark Mobile from the main menu and following the instructions in our EasyPark Mobile Guide. Similar to the EasyPark Meter, EasyPark Mobile is a prepaid service. Therefore, to use the service customers must first subscribe to one of our plans. Once you’ve subscribed to a plan, and updated the license plate and mobile number details, you can top up your EasyPark Mobile virtual account (online or in the app).

To pay for parking using EasyPark Mobile in gated lots please take the following steps:

1. Press the button at the entry gate and take the ticket as directed   (do not scan ticket at this time)
2.   On returning to the car park (and before proceeding to your gate of choice), open the EasyPark Mobile application on your phone and press the ‘Gate’ icon on bottom of screen
3.   Press “Scan Barcode” button and, using your camera, scan the bar code at the bottom of the ticket
4.   Select ‘Pay’ button on Confirm Payment screen to submit payment from your EasyPark Mobile account (The screen will then display a 15 minute countdown timer)
5.   Proceed to the exit of your choice
6.   Once at the gate, select the desired gate code from the Gate To Open drop down list and press green “Open” button
7.   Press “OK” to confirm and open gate

Note: If you have insufficient funds in your account, you can add credit by pressing the add credit bottom in the app and restart the process, or proceed to a paystation and pay as directed.

Reminder: To park using EasyPark mobile, customers MUST display the complimentary EasyPark Mobile sticker on the left-hand side of their windscreen to ensure parking wardens are aware they are using EasyPark Mobile. Stickers can be collected from the following locations:
1.   City Hall Administration Office
2.   One retail outlets in Hamilton, Somerset and St. George’s
3.   EasyPark Office, Broadway House, 1 Crow Lane (Top of Spurling Hill)
4.   P-Tech on Reid Street
If you have any questions, please call us at (542-7000) or contact us at support@easypark.bm.

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